Vinnie Bacon, Fremont City Council Member
“I first knew Lily back in 2008 when she was campaigning for Fremont School Board and I was running for the City Council. We stood together in front of Trader Joe’s talking to voters. She’s always been willing to get out and talk with the public and listen to their concerns. I have also been impressed with her independence and refusal to be bought.

I have served with Lily on the Fremont City Council since 2014. Anyone who watches Council meetings knows that when there are 3-2 votes for a development, it is almost always Lily and I who are the two voting against it.

From her six years on the School Board, Lily brings a concern about our schools that is sorely needed on the Council. We hear numerous reports about how overcrowded our schools are, and yet our Council often caves into pressures from developers to build more and more homes. Lily doesn't cave into these pressures. Instead, she pushes back and insists on high quality development for Fremont.

I would be happy to continue serving as a Council Member with Lily as the Mayor of Fremont. Please help me to make this happen.”

Fremont Citizens' Network (FCN)
“The Fremont Citizens' Network formally endorses Lily Mei for the Fremont Mayoral race. Among numerous credits, she has aptly served Fremont as a Trustee of the Fremont School Board (6 years) and as City Councilmember (2 years). We have depended on Lily, not only to show up to eight years of FUSD Board and City Council meetings, but to arrive informed and prepared to vote intelligently. She has shown herself to be caring and polite in her addresses to the community. We believe she will continue to provide her unbiased, independent votes as Mayor, and deliver a new tone and direction for the City Council. See her voting record on some recent development votes.

Larry Sweeney, FUSD Board of Education Trustee
“Fremont needs a strong leader, and that leader is Lily. She spends her days and nights in the community listening to our citizens. She never makes an uninformed vote and always votes what's best for the community. Lily is the Mayor that Fremont needs.”

Chris and Alice Cavette, Fremont Residents and Neighbors for 34 Years, Creators of Shape Our Fremont
“We have closely observed Lily on the City Council for the last two years. She really pays attention to all speakers. She questions staff and developers in a way that shows she considers the issues carefully. Her voting record shows that she does not always settle for the easy answer to hard issues, but truly wants to find the best solution for all of Fremont. She has not agreed with us on every point, but has always been respectful enough to clearly explain her opinion.

Vice Mayor Lily Mei has shown that she will be a good leader and deserves our vote for Fremont Mayor.

She will not accept donations from developers. She runs a frugal campaign. This means that she really needs us to spread the word that she has been an independent, thoughtful, and vocal representative of the residents of Fremont.”

Christina Broadwin, Community Activist and President of Protect Fremont Private Open Space Initiative
“Lily is a natural leader who has put her heart and soul into protecting all that makes Fremont great. This is a critical time for our city, and she will listen to the community and take real action to make improvements. She is not obligated to developers and always has our kids and communities in mind. We need change in our leadership and Lily has the vision and strength of character to move us forward. I am proud to endorse her for Mayor.”

Steve Cho, Former Fremont Vice Mayor
“To make Fremont a better city, I strongly feel that Fremont needs a change in leadership. Fremont needs someone who is in touch with the community, who listens to the community, who is involved with the community, and who will enact policies to protect the quality of life we have all come to enjoy. To accomplish the above, I strongly believe Lily Mei is the perfect person to lead Fremont and that is why I am totally supporting her to be the next Mayor of Fremont.”

April Ellebracht, President, Save Kimber Park
“It's time to take a stand in the upcoming elections! We have the chance to elect a Mayor whose vision for our future isn't centered on more housing with no regard for its impact on Fremont citizens; developers reaping vast profits instead of helping to support our infrastructure by paying their fair share. 

There will be only two choices for Mayor in November: Council Member Lily Mei and current Mayor Harrison. I would vote for Lily if there were more candidates, but with only these choices, it is a complete no-brainer!

Because of SKP's involvement with the city government for the past 5 years, we are wholeheartedly endorsing Lily Mei for Fremont Mayor. Now we all need to put our desire for change into action!”

Janet Fitzgerald, Niles Resident
“I have always been impressed with how Lily Mei truly listens and cares about what concerns the people of Fremont. She has both the smarts and the heart to help us handle the challenges of our growing city more wisely and more humanely. She cares about our schools, our traffic and our safety, putting us first, not developers. I have come to trust Lily Mei to be who she says she is, and to do what she says she will do.”

Ro Khanna, Former U.S. Deputy Asst. Secretary of Commerce
“The city of Fremont, the fourth most populous city in the Bay Area, deserves leadership that won’t accept the status quo. Lily works tirelessly to understand the issues and represent the people of Fremont. I’m confident that Lily will be an outstanding Mayor of Fremont, and I’m proud to support her candidacy.”