A Letter From Lily

Dear Fremont Friends,

I’ve often been asked by many of you whether I plan to seek a seat on the Fremont City Council. After much deliberation and consideration of the trust placed upon me, it is with the utmost humility that I announce my candidacy for the Fremont City Council in the upcoming November 2014 election. It would be my great honor and pride to receive your vote on November 4.

As your School Board Trustee, I’ve enjoyed spending time in your neighborhoods and schools to hear your concerns. Each of you has had something important to say to me. Each of you has had stories to share with me. As your local representative, I was and will continue to be your voice, broadening my focus from the school community to the greater Fremont community.

Helping our city is nothing new to me. I’m proud to have recently played a role in delivering a historic agreement in which the city and developers reduced the impact of new growth on our schools, while allocating space for a new city park.

As a member of the joint Fremont City Council and School Board sub-committee, I’ve understood the importance of supporting smart development that won’t overload our schools and city resources, and instead, will improve our lives here in Fremont.

I’m a former leader of a technology trade association and recognize that we must have processes in place that welcome businesses to Fremont and continually help them grow and stay here.

As an active participant in Silicon Valley Leadership group discussions, I have heard the various challenges companies face – from navigating local business processes to finding the best workers. I focused on equipping our students for this workforce by giving them the opportunities to achieve the desired skill sets in STEM, language acquisition, and critical thinking. I partnered in an excellent effective-governance team with the Fremont Superintendent of schools, the school board, and staff to collaboratively improve our test scores and help Fremont gain recognition for its prestigious award-winning schools.

My support for this city never stops. For the past six years, I have had a perfect Fremont School Board meeting attendance record.  I have also participated frequently in local and Sacramento-focused legislative action days, sharing the concerns of Fremont citizens with our elected officials.

Many of you know me already because I love experiencing the unusually diverse community we share. I truly appreciate your generous welcome at all your cultural events and civic organizations that have given me insights into the richness of our community. As a child of immigrants, I strive to bridge the best of these cultures together.

I humbly ask you to be my partner in this campaign by walking precincts, calling your friends, and simply sharing information about my campaign. I would love to host events in your neighborhoods and welcome your invitation to get to know me even better.

I’m blessed to have a strong network of family, friends, and community members who support my love for our city. You have also shown incredible trust by electing me to the Fremont School Board for two terms, showing your appreciation for the honest and clean campaigns that I felt certain were the best way to communicate with you.

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we will make Fremont an even more wonderful and beautiful place to live.

Warmest thanks,

Lily Mei