Elected Officials and Community LeaderS/organizations

Ro Khanna, California Congressional Candidate; Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce

Vinnie BaconCity Council Member of Fremont

Jose Esteves, Mayor of the City of Milpitas

Steve ChoFormer Vice Mayor and City Council Member of Fremont

Benny Lee,  Former Vice Mayor and City Council Member of San Leandro

Jesus Holguin, Past President of California School Boards Association; Treasurer, California Latino School Boards Association; Board President, Moreno Valley Unified School District

Larry Sweeney, Board President, Fremont Unified School District

Yang Shao, Board Trustee, Fremont Unified School District

Grace Mah, Board Trustee, Santa Clara County Office of Education; Founder of PACE (Palo Alto Chinese Education)

Anjali Kausar, CEO of Cupertino Chamber of Commerce*; Trustee, Cupertino Union High School District; President, Asian Pacific Islander School Board Members Association

Cynthia Chang, Board President, Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District; Past President, Asian Pacific Islander School Board Members Association

Katherine Tseng, Board Trustee, Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District

Gunawan Alisantosa, Board President, Milpitas Unified School District

Chris Norwood, Board Trustee, Milpitas Unified School District

Danny Lau, Board Trustee, Milpitas Unified School District

Anna Muh, Former Trustee, Fremont Unified School District

Betty Yuan, Executive Chief Officer, Northern California Chinese Culture-Athletic Federation*

Ming Lee, President, Silicon Valley Chinese Technical Business Association

Christina Broadwin, Community Advocate; President, Protect Fremont Private Open Space Initiative

Chris and Alice Cavette, Fremont Residents and Neighbors for 34 Years, Creators of Shape Our Fremont

Carol ZilliExecutive Director, Music for Minors II*

Fremont Citizens Network

FUN Progressives

Save Kimber Park

*Titles for Identification Purposes


Community Members

Rajiv and Sangita Agrawal

Irene and Tim Ayres

Jeff Bowen

Ruel and Mavis Brown

Rudy Castillo

Cathy Chang

Jun Chang

Rosa Chao

Yi-Chuen and Catherine Chen

Dustin Chiang

Paul and Diane Chisaki

Herbert Chiu

Amy Cho

Steve and Jane Conn

Joanne Cryer

Milind and Nisha Dalal

Roberta Decker

Robert Dickerson

Paula Doherty

Lisa Dong

April and Ed Ellebracht

Rosemarie Everett

Adeles Fan

Joan and Ronnie Fong

Kristi and Paul Fracolli

Greg and Traci Fung

Anh-Dao and Tan Ha

Kenneth and Carol Hall

Rick Hood

Hander and Christine Hsing

Daphne Huang

Tom Huang

Lisa Huggins

Clifton and Grace Johnson

Peter Kao

Jenny Kassan

Michelle Koan

Judy and David Lam

Anjali Lathi

Gladys Lee

Jarvis Leung

Todd and Johanna Lindsey

Yea Liu

Gordon Macleod

Ruchit Majmudar

John and Alice Mathias

Monica Melville

Wing Ng

Samir Panjwani

Mary Lynn Pelican

Don and Kathy Phelps

Meera Rajan

Linda Ross

Sharon and Barton Sano

Marie Smith

Evan and Marianne Strong

Joy and Gerald Suh

Jing Sun

Kong Sun

Serena Tan

Thomas Tang

Jeffery, Ren Tai, and Wei-Yann Tsai

Moonpin Tze

Latha and Rajan Vrittamani

Bob Wallace

Wei and Jennifer Wang

Betty West

Isaac Wong

Mamie and Edward Wong

Gary Wu

Shelley Wu

Hsiao Wu

Nancy Yang

Michiko Yee

Tammy Zheng

Sergio Zilli

Clement Yuen

DJ Alex Reyes Entertainment

Partial List