No Books were Banned

One issue raised by Bill Harrison is a false statement about me purportedly banning a book while I served on the school board. I can tell you this absolutely did not happen.

The issue was that there was a proposal to place a book having a high level of graphic and explicit content onto a REQUIRED curriculum reading list. At no time did the board discuss banning this book for students.

About School Overcrowding...

I am thankful to have Larry Sweeney, President of the FUSD School Board, give his account of my work ethics and the truth behind Fremont's impacted schools.

Here is his message in its entirety.  The original post can be found here on Facebook.

Lily prides herself on making informed decisions before she votes. She reviews the agenda when it is posted and then researches the facts and meets with stakeholders. Only then does she cast her vote, confident she is best representing the city.

My Favorite Endorsement

I am incredibly humbled to share a FAVORITE endorsement which comes from someone close to me who has personally witnessed and shared daily in my journey to be your public servant.

Truly blessed to have the generous understanding of my loving daughter and entire family as I could not serve well without their wholehearted support: