Latest campaign attack from Bill Harrison

The president of the PAC that recently received $60,000 from developers and sent out negative mailers for Bill Harrison has just made a new posting on Facebook.

His posting is about a complaint filed with the California election practices commission by a Harrison supporter against me, Vinnie Bacon, and Cullen Tiernan. The complaint alleges that a mailer sent by Vinnie Bacon's campaign violated state election laws because my share and Cullen's share of the mailing costs have not been reported to the state.

Please note that ANYONE can file a complaint -- whether it is truthful or not -- with the FPPC's Enforcement Division through their Electronic Complaint System just by going on their website and clicking a few buttons.

In this case, there is no valid basis for the complaint since my campaign had already filed the required documents! I expect the complaint to quickly go away once my filings are reviewed by the FPPC.

For those of you who haven't seen this before, filing a complaint like this is a tactic that is commonly used in other parts of California. Anyone can file a complaint whether or not they have a valid justification. The campaign that initiates the complaint typically publicizes it and announces there is a violation, even when no wrongdoing has occurred. This is a type of campaigning that just doesn’t normally happen in Fremont.

We are very disappointed that this level of campaign tactics has now reached Fremont.


Original Facebook post with all comments here.