Follow the Money – Developers Contribute $60,000 More to Support Bill Harrison

On November 3, the East Bay Times revealed that a local PAC spent more than $45,000 on mailers supporting Bill Harrison during just the last two weeks of October. The PAC received $60,000 from developers, including Carmel Properties, Robson Homes, SiliconSage, and Summer Hill. In the current election cycle, over $100,000 has now been contributed by developers and other special interests to support Bill Harrison.

We should all be alarmed by the influence of developers on our city planning, and by the funding relationship between developers and our elected officials.

For example, $25,000 of the amount contributed to the PAC was from the CEO of Carmel Properties, developer of the contentious 670-unit Walnut project. This development was the subject of protests by local residents at the recent City Council meeting. Many of those who attended the meeting observed that there seemed to be an effort to rush the Walnut development project through before the new council is installed after the election.

When elected officials receive so much funding from developers, there is a potential that they can be unduly influenced. They can begin to serve their donors, not their constituents.

I support sensible growth for Fremont and supported several development projects for our community. But I voted against a number of projects with unresolved issues on school overcrowding, traffic mitigation, parking management, and adverse impact to quality of life. Although profitable for developers, many of these projects needed more work before they best served the people of Fremont.

I am proud to say that I have pledged NOT to take any developer funds, and hope you will support me as well as any other candidates who refuse developer funds. For example, both Vinnie Bacon and Cullen Tiernan are committed to be “Clean Money” candidates. We need your support and your vote on November 8th to combat developer influence on our community.

Between now and election day, I ask each of you to please take the time to contact your friends and neighbors, SHARE this information, and enlist their support in our cause.

Join us in saying NO to Rampant Development

Thank you,