No Books were Banned

I have been asked about some of the comments made in the negative mailers sent out by my opponent in the election.

One issue raised by Bill Harrison is a false statement about me purportedly banning a book while I served on the school board. I can tell you this absolutely did not happen.

The issue was that there was a proposal to place a book having a high level of graphic and explicit content onto a REQUIRED curriculum reading list. At no time did the board discuss banning this book for students. The approved reading list already contained several thousand book ranging from the classics to modern literature, and the majority of the board felt that given the explicit subject matter of the book and the thousands of alternative choices available, it was not advisable to require students to read this book.

The school board voted 3-2 (with me joining two other board members) to NOT REQUIRE students to read the book. However, to make very sure the book was not banned, I personally verified that this book was available at each and every high school library in the district for any student or parent to read.