My Favorite Endorsement

Good Morning Fremont,

I am incredibly humbled to share a FAVORITE endorsement which comes from someone close to me who has personally witnessed and shared daily in my journey to be your public servant.

Truly blessed to have the generous understanding of my loving daughter and entire family as I could not serve well without their wholehearted support:

Elections are coming up on November 8th!

For many people, this particular election is important because it determines the next President of the United States. For me, this election is more personal. My mom has worked tirelessly everyday for years from Gomes PTA President and Fremont School Board member to City Council member, and Vice Mayor to better our community. Sometimes its hard, because she really tries to balance being both a parent and a politician. She genuinely cares so much for everyone in our city and sacrifices her personal time for the benefit of the community. Fremont has never had a woman or someone of color act as Mayor even with the great diversity of our city. If you are a citizen of Fremont, and want someone who truly holds the city in her best interest, I urge you to vote for Lily Mei, my mother, for Mayor on November 8th.

Please share with everyone you know in Fremont! Also, if you'd like to know more about her, feel free to contact me or look at her website at