About School Overcrowding...

I am thankful to have Larry Sweeney, President of the FUSD School Board, give his account of my work ethics and the truth behind Fremont's impacted schools.

Here is his message in its entirety.  The original post can be found here on Facebook.

Lily prides herself on making informed decisions before she votes. She reviews the agenda when it is posted and then researches the facts and meets with stakeholders. Only then does she cast her vote, confident she is best representing the city.

This is the same process Lily used when she served on the school board for six years. Always an informed decision.

I ask you, as a voter in Fremont, do the same thing this election and make an informed decision when voting for Mayor.

The rhetoric being slung towards Lily for the past few weeks has been particularly inaccurate, taking credit from her and misplacing blame towards her.

Lily is not responsible for the overcrowding in our schools. Quite the contrary. While on the school board Lily worked tirelessly to develop strategies and implement tactics to find more space and direct more funds towards classrooms that would accommodate the students being generated by the constant stream of developments being approved by city council.

When Lily was elected to city council two years ago, gathering the highest number of votes, she was seen by many as being a voice for smart development, and leading the way for a partnership that would help solve the problem of rampant development that is causing our schools to be overcrowded.

As the school district struggles to find space and funds to build new classrooms to accommodate the students generated by this runaway development, Lily has been a strong advocate for the Fremont community, trying to make sure that her votes on development represent what is best for all of Fremont, not just a rubber stamp that approves every single development year after year.

As you drive our crowded streets, constantly jammed with traffic and congestion, and as you look at so much of our open space being converted to dense housing, ask yourself who is benefiting from this development and who is being adversely impacted. I know our students are being adversely impacted as it is getting more perilous for them to ride their bikes to school and many have resorted to walking to school in small ‘packs’ for protection related to traffic.

Ask yourself why the traffic is getting worse and why is there so much dense development going on in Fremont. Ask yourself why the school district is constantly pleading with the city council to slow that development so the schools can ‘catch up.’ Ask yourself: Is this what I want for my city, for Fremont? Are you happy with all of the recent dense developments? Are you fine with the traffic jams throughout our city? Do you want our schools to continue to be overcrowded?

Is forcing our students into overcrowded schools, approving more high density development, and ignoring roads that are literally clogged multiple times a day making Fremont a better city?

Is the solution to continue these practices? Does this activity please our current Fremont residents, both recent and those who have been here for generations?

Blaming Lily for the overcrowding in our schools is just another tactic to divert the voting public’s attention away from the real source of our overcrowded schools.

Fremont needs to put the brakes on rampant development and support smart development. We cannot continue to ignore the needs of our current residents.

Support Lily for Fremont’s next mayor and you will be supporting city leadership that places a priority on all residents who have chosen to live in Fremont. Fremont is great because of our excellent schools and safe environment. Don’t let our schools and safety be eroded by unchecked and dense development.

Support smart development that places Fremont first.

You have a chance to make the difference we need. Join me and Vote for Lily.