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Mayor Harrison SAYS one of his top priorities is to hold developers accountable and make sure city resources and schools aren’t overwhelmed by new projects.

Mayor Harrison’s ACTIONS speak differently - He has VOTED IN FAVOR of EVERY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT brought before city council. How can EVERY SINGLE PROPOSAL be in the best interest of Fremont?

While Mayor Harrison’s votes may be in the best interest of the developers, they are NOT for Fremont. His actions have detrimentally affected every Fremont resident. The impacts are felt in terms of crowded schools, chronic traffic, and the inability for first responders to quickly get to an emergency. Mayor Harrison has also readily acknowledged taking dollar$ from developers for his campaign and refuses to STOP taking developer money.

In contrast, I PUT FREMONT CITIZENS’ QUALITY OF LIFE FIRST. For example, I have taken a principled stand on the issues of protecting open space and preserving the charm of our historic neighborhoods. I stood with Irvington residents, to reject the Connolly development which approved 67 townhomes in a small commercial complex. This development was lacking in foresight with respect to student placement and traffic congestion.

My ACTIONS (voting history) shows that I consider the merits of each project and actually listen to the voice of our citizens when voting, and am willing to vote NO on poorly planned developments.