Proof of the Required Filing Documents

I am a strong believer of transparency. My campaign properly filed the required documents. (There was a claim of the lack of filings by my opponent referred to in the post immediately below.) For example, with regards to the mailer costs, here is a snapshot from one of my filings with the state. This is the section of the California Form 460 filing regarding the mailer in question. We issued a $5,000 check to Autumn Press for it. The addresses have been blacked out by the City.

Follow the Money – Developers Contribute $60,000 More to Support Bill Harrison

On November 3, the East Bay Times revealed that a local PAC spent more than $45,000 on mailers supporting Bill Harrison during just the last two weeks of October. The PAC received $60,000 from developers, including Carmel Properties, Robson Homes, SiliconSage, and Summer Hill. In the current election cycle, over $100,000 has now been contributed by developers and other special interests to support Bill Harrison.

We should all be alarmed by the influence of developers on our city planning, and by the funding relationship between developers and our elected officials.

Fremont: Local elections drawing big money, support from PACs

He (Mayor Harrison) also is supported by tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of campaign mailers and media from political organizations such as the Fremont Police Association and the California Apartment Association, which represents landlords’ interests in local races and in Sacramento.

The California Apartment Association’s political arm has spent $9,699 on mass mail supporting Harrison this year.

The Fremont Police Association has spent $26,959 to support Harrison through various media, including signs and mailers. The association also funneled $10,000 to the Ohlone Area United Democratic Campaign, which too is supporting Harrison for mayor.

The Ohlone Area organization also collected $25,000 from Ron Zeff, CEO of Carmel Properties, which has a proposal pending before the city council to build a 670-unit apartment complex a half-mile east of the Fremont BART station. The project was approved by the planning commission in September, and the council hearing was scheduled for Nov. 15, after the election.

UPDATE on Newby Island Landfill Issue

For those of you that are not aware of this issue, the Newby Island Landfill is undergoing review by the San Jose Planning Commission for a possible expansion. This landfill is just west of the Dixon Landing exit off 880 right on the Milpitas/Fremont borders and about 2000 feet away from the south end of Fremont Blvd).

Even within its current confines, a significant amount of excess odor from the landfill can often be experienced by residents in south Fremont and Milpitas. The landfill was scheduled to close in 2025, providing the hope that there is an "end-in-sight" to these problems.